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If you are looking to renovate your kitchen cabinets, get started with Factory Cabinets Direct and our wide range of RTA kitchen cabinet styles and finishes!

Transform Your Kitchen with Trendy Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Transform your kitchen with trendy modern kitchen cabinets. Looking to renovate? These stylish cabinets are a great option for today’s home. Factory Cabinets Direct makes it easy to shop for the perfect kitchen cabinets online. Plus, you'll get a huge selection of designs and styles of modern kitchen cabinets. If the Wooden Cabinet style is not your style, we also carry modern styles with the appearance of Metallic Cabinets online such as Platinum Shakers, Aria Blue, and Sterling

Find All Categories of Kitchen Cabinets

If you are looking for Base Kitchen Cabinets, Wall cabinets, Oven, and Pantry Cabinets, Factory Cabinet Direct has you covered. Our RTA Cabinets have many size options to fit your kitchen space.

Why Choose RTA Kitchen Cabinet?

RTA Cabinets have the advantage of being more affordable than assembled cabinets because they have to be assembled. Assembling RTA Cabinets makes a great DIY project and can be completed very quickly. If you need help with assembling cabinets for the first time. Factory Cabinets Direct has a section dedicated to Assembly Video Tutorials for all types of cabinets.

Ready to Shop for RTA Kitchen Cabinets?

Check out our category of RTA Kitchen Cabinets and our many options. If you need inspiration for how to renovate your kitchen, check out our gallery. If you need help deciding which cabinets would look best in your kitchen, we recommend ordering affordable samples. Factory Cabinets Direct offers Free Kitchen Designs to get you on your way to having your dream kitchen. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our products.


Where can I buy Kitchen Cabinets?
You can buy kitchen cabinets from Factory Cabinets Direct.
Are RTA Cabinets Expensive?
RTA Cabinets are usually cheaper than Pre-Assembled Cabinets.
Where can I get wholesale cabinets?
You can buy wholesale cabinets from Factory Cabinets Direct.
How to remodel a kitchen?
Go to Factory Cabinets Direct and get a Free remodeling design.
Where can I buy cabinets in Las Vegas?
Factory Cabinets Direct is located in Las Vegas.